When I started out years ago, things seemed relatively straight-forward: I was a Graphic Designer - so my job was artwork. Over the years though I have found it increasing difficult to pigeon hole what I do - and not just because I can't explain it to my parents. The rise of design as a lifestyle choice and the digital "revolution" has altered the landscape of the creative domain. Design is now about everything.

Where my role as a Creative Director was once predominantly about orchestrating the design execution, I am finding I am increasingly involved in the business and logistical planning that weaves the emotional and logical considerations of the business to its audience. Initially I thought this was a departure from design, but I've come to realise what I am now responsible for is no longer design. It is business design. Logic and emotion have become intertwined in such a way that one can't exist without the other - business needs emotion.

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Kane + Associates is a specialist in creating challenger brands helping business grow and transform their brands

Web. kaneandassociates.co.uk
Twitter. kaneandassoc


For years I have been experimenting with the idea of creating a new type of agency; non-heirarchical and resource efficent. The result - The Kollektiv.

Web. TheKollektiv.co
Twitter. TheKollektiv


A new kind of classified sites, mixing classified advertising, social media and charity.

Web. odelay.co.uk